Youtube Comments – Denial

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It’s been a while since we last talked about Youtube and their updated comments system. If you missed that post, click here to check it out. youtube google plus Youtube Comments   DenialIt’s been over one and a half months since then, and a lot has changed. Right after the update we were especially amused to see a lot of ‘Bob’ on Youtube. There was also a lot more spam being thrown about in the comments sections of videos. Much to the surprise of nobody, Google did not budge and the Google+ integrated comment system prevailed.

Most of us went ahead and created blank G+ accounts to link to our Youtube accounts. This was probably because we didn’t want our real name showing up next to every comment we made on Youtube.

Right after the initial update, Google went ahead with a few minor ones. Out of which one turned the initially green like-bar, blue.

Initial Thoughts

Initially, here’s what we really disliked about the new update and the ones that directly followed:

1.   Need for a Google+ account

2.   Ability to post links (thereby a lot of spam) in the comments

3.   Video timestamps took us to a new page or didn’t work at all

4.   Top comments didn’t show up at the top

5.   The like-bar turned blue

Final Thoughts

And now, after one and a half months, here are our thoughts.

Once you go ahead and create a new Google+ account for Youtube alone, you don’t have to mess around with G+ anymore. Youtube will automatically load up your preferred Youtube account (paired to that same G+ account) every time you open Youtube.

Google must have updated their filters because there’s isn’t as much spam now as there was before. It’s the internet so you can’t expect to be free of spam, but we see definite improvement and that’s something. As the ability to post links still exists and this is great given that it’s not spam.

The video timestamp issue is still confusing. It works fine on some comments/videos but sometimes it just opens a new page with the same video and tries to seek from there. We’re not entirely sure why Google isn’t doing something about this.

Top comments still don’t show up at the top all the time. The more recent comments appear at the top (with the rare exception that a top comment does make it to the top) but otherwise, the most thumbed up comments are a scroll down.

After thinking hard about this, we decided that we can after all live with a blue like-bar. This is of course given that MKBHD’s prediction doesn’t come true.

spam22 Youtube Comments   Denial

Shout out to MUDSWAT for being smart.

More Improvements

Comments are much easier to find now. The interface is a lot cleaner than it was after the initial update. Even though they are still not paged as they used to be a long time ago, navigation seems a lot smoother. Comment options like ‘disable replies’ and the option to delete a previously made comment seem to work a lot better now.

Didn’t think we’d ever have to say this but, it’s actually very much easier to have a proper conversation on the Youtube comments section now. Unlike before when comments seemed to be lying all over the place. Now everything is well ordered and you can open a conversation with one click.

So there you have it. As unbiased and heavy users of Youtube, we’d like to apologies to Google for trashing them for the update in our previous post. We still don’t like G+ dominating Android KitKat the way it does and sure, the Youtube comments section was very disappointing at its initial stages. But at least now, Youtube has finally shaped up to be a little better than it used to be.

  • I_warned_ya

    Horseshit. It’s easier to have a sanitized conversation with other good little Google drones. Free and open discussion is impossible. The entire nature of YouTube has been destroyed- yes, the comments were crap, but Google forcing G+ had NOTHING to do with improving them, ONLY about boosting G+ numbers up past Twitter for marketing purposes.
    Can you not see the propaganda machine that Google has going here? Google will not even acknowledge the huge amount of dissatisfaction. This is classic disinformation at its finest.
    Take off the blinders and REALLY look at what is happening!

    • Uvin Withana

      Debatable yes, but not proven my friend. The entire nature of Youtube was destroyed long time ago and going on about that now is a pointless discussion. We’re not saying Google gives two cents about our feelings and thoughts, and honestly, it’s what we’ve grown to expect over time. But however, ignoring Google+ and whatever marketing scheme they’re pulling off, we’re acknowledging the fact that the comments engine is a lot smoother and fluid in everyday use. It’s pretty obvious to anybody that the whole comments upgrade was an excuse to integrate G+ (which they were waiting to do for a while now.) Don’t cloud your judgement based on other aspects that don’t directly affect the point in discussion.

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