Wallpaper App Guide for Android

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Customization on Android is as good as it can get but sometimes getting hold of new wallpapers to cover up your home screen can be a bit of an annoyance. Here are 3 unique apps that we believe top the board when it comes to finding/using new wallpapers.


zedge 1 1024x836 Wallpaper App Guide for Android

zedge 150x150 Wallpaper App Guide for Android

This one is a classic and chances are, you already use it. It’s very simple to use and there’s a large, constantly updated collection of wallpapers. Not all wallpapers found on ZEDGE look awesome but there’s so much to choose from that you’re bound to find many that you like.

There are many categories to choose from, including a ‘family filter’ check mark, that you can use to filter your searches. Downloading a wallpaper can be done with the touch of a button and it can be applied instantaneously. This is probably the only wallpaper app that is consistently very smooth and fluid in everyday use. Google Play link here.

 Photosphere HD Live Wallpaper

photosphere 1 1024x640 Wallpaper App Guide for Android

This app stood out because it is one of the few that can set a photo sphere image as a live wallpaper without glitching out. You can scroll around the photo sphere using the gyroscope/accelerometer combo or using your finger. This is cool because otherwise you’d be stuck staring at the same part of the photo sphere unless you change the direction your phone is facing. The app comes preloaded with one free photo sphere image and with the option to download another pack (around 10 images) free of charge. There are more image packs for sale, if necessary. You can also set a photo sphere image from your gallery if you have one. (Note you cannot capture photo spheres with this app.)

To better understand how this app works, check out the video below.

photosphere 150x150 Wallpaper App Guide for Android The wallpaper will slowly revolve when the phone is lying still to bring out a ‘live wallpapery’ effect and the ratio of phone rotation to wallpaper rotation is quite low, meaning you have to move your phone around a lot to get the wallpaper to slide around a little. It could be a wise decision by the developers as the lessened motion on the screen makes it easier to see the icons on the screen and could also save some battery.
We did note in our testing of the app that battery life seems quite acceptable for everyday use. This could of course vary from device to device. Google Play link here.

 Backgrounds HD

backgrounds hd 1 Wallpaper App Guide for Android

Backgrounds HD is all about quality images. There are tons of wallpapers spanning many categories and they all look amazing. Unlike ZEDGE, almost all the wallpapers here are of a higher quality and you don’t usually come across the same wallpaper twice. The user interface also looks a lot more polished and overhauled. There is a loading screen when the app boots up and there’s a slight delay before a downloaded wallpaper gets applied and that’s one place where it loses out to ZEDGE.

backgrounds hd 150x150 Wallpaper App Guide for Android After selecting a wallpaper you can either download it to your phone or directly apply it. If you opt to download it, you have to open your phones gallery app and find the picture that you just downloaded if you want to apply it later. There is no direct place to see all your downloads at once and quickly apply any one of them. Other than that, it’s got more options when it comes to applying wallpapers (such as scrollable/or not and so on) than most wallpaper apps. Google Play link here.

Thanks for checking out our ‘Wallpaper App Guide for Android.’ Feel free to let us know in the comments below if you feel we missed out an app that you really enjoy.

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